On A Boat

The Biologist went to Juneau last week for a quick shopping trip. He came home with this:TotalD2And this is how I feel about it:boat3onaboatThen, after a crummy day at work there was boat ride:
IMG_5051 totalDOf course, I was so excited I only took a few pictures. More to come!

In other news, they have been fixing our roads. Its like this:IMG_5049The good news is our road is right by the ocean. While I wait for the pilot car, Beyonce sings to me and the view hasn’t been too bad…IMG_5055Thursday was the exception. I arrived home later in the evening with seven bags of groceries. Much to my chagrin, I discovered a glaring “ROAD CLOSED” sign at my driveway. They were paving (theoretically). I parked my car at the beach across the street and approached the construction dude who informed me that they had  just paved and I would have to wait a few hours to cross the road to my house. nowayThat didn’t really work for me. So I went back to my car and loaded up as many groceries as I could. Then, I took a deep breath and sprinted across the freshly paved asphalt. The construction worker went a little ballistic but I made it across and didn’t look back. I think he was jealous that I got to leave my footprints on the road. #winning.

In other news, last week this guy was in town.

Between new boats, road construction and celebrity sightings…it’s been a busy week.

Cheers! :)



The Essentials

When I first moved to Alaska, I only brought what I could fit in my car. It was a little crazy. I had never been here before, and it was difficult to know what essentials I would need.

essentials Ahem.

A lot of people who come visit ask us what they should bring. These are a few things I suggest packing if you find yourself heading to Southeast Alaska….

  1. A Rain Jacket – It rains almost every day here (seriously)
  2. WATERPROOF mascara – Always and Forever.
  3. Rain Boots – Xtratuf’s are the Alaskan State Sneaker!!!
  4. Good, warm socks
  5. Leggings or a base layer – Being warm is fun.

Speaking of the essentials, I should probably take a shower today….it’s been a while.

Cheers! :)