Hey Hey Hey!

YOU GUYS. I just realized that is has been forever since I had any kind of blogging ambition. Whoops! I haven’t had anything too exciting to report. It’s just been a blur of work and the usual routine. Oh and the weather has been relatively decent….which apparently isn’t the case for a lot of people in the lower forty-eight.IMG_5311

In other good news – we are getting more daylight hours, which means more time outside. It’s kind of sad how excited I am about this. I’m ready for spring….so is my friend Lola. She stayed with us last week and is by far the best houseguest ever.


One amazing factoid I picked up recently is that this town is one of the safest “cities” in America. I don’t think they took tsunamis into account. The fact that this is the only place I have lived where we were actually evacuated makes me think that this journalism probably isn’t the most accurate…


Anyway. What are you up to? Let’s catch up!


Cheers! :)