The Renovation Continues…

Happy Easter, you guys! I hope you are eating absurd amounts of chocolate eggs, Easter dinner and those deliciously horrible Peeps. I sort of spaced the holiday this weekend, but thanks to Facebook – I was kept in the loop. Hopefully your Easter doesn’t look LIKE THIS.

This is going to be a huge surprise, but the Biologist and I spent the weekend working on our little money pit, shack piece of heaven. I spent most of the time in the bathroom…painting, taking selfies, and (brace yourselves) installing a toilet seat. Thats right. As much as I love the sand, the seahorses, shells – it just had to go. DSC_0008_fotor DSC_0003_fotorIMG_4478IMG_4483The Biologist got the kitchen floor and carpet installed (with my assistance). We also now have light fixtures, outlet covers and decorated drawers. What?DSC_0027_fotorYep.

The big thing is that I think we are done painting. I am sick of it. I never want to paint anything again in my entire life. Paint is the devil. Yuck.DSC_0023_fotorOn another note, it looks like we have some salmon berries blooming outside. Apparently, it was also warm enough (54 degrees) to surf (you can barely see them…but they are there!).DSC_0010_fotor DSC_0035_fotorThis week is going to involve a lot of packing. The plan is to move into the Mcmansion next weekend. Lets cross our fingers I don’t break anything or have a total meltdown.