I Caught the Bouquet

I was trying to come up with some genius material for this post. The unfortunate fact is that it’s been kind of a rough week and I haven’t had any earth-shaking ideas to share with you guys. Then, I realized I hadn’t told you the story about how I caught the bouquet. Brace yourselves.

About a month ago, the Biologist and I attended the wedding of our friends/neighbors. (Sidenote: in Alaska it’s bad news if you don’t like your neighbors. Being trapped on an island with people you hate that happen to live next door is just no bueno. Lucky for us, our fellow trailerparkians have been pretty cool). Anyway. This is how I usually feel about weddings:destructive-drunk.jpg This case is a little different. I am so happy for our friends and was excited to celebrate with them. PLUS, my friend LAURA was the photographer. There was dinner…..and an open bar. #imthere.party-drunk.jpgThe whole thing was really lovely, the food was fabulous and everyone had a phenomenal time. Then we got to the part where the bride was going to throw the bouquet.

I was lost somewhere in a wine addled conversation, when someone mentioned that they had money on my bouquet-catching skills. Let me just tell you, catching bouquets is not something for a jaded, divorced, sarcastic thirty-something like myself. I don’t believe in it. However. I do believe in Andrew Jackson, money and winning. So. I found myself licking the cake off my fingers and towering over a bunch of optimistic, fresh-faced young chicks who were ready to catch some flowers and a theoretical husband.IMG_5069

Do I have to tell you how this goes? Of course I caught it. This old bird still can fly!

I had an abrupt moment of revelation, a volt of electricity went through my arm and my wine-soaked brain synapsed into a moment of clarity….. I panicked. I did the only thing I could – which was to throw the flowers behind me and run the hell out of there. Hands down, that was the best $20 I have earned. cinderelladrunk1

I don’t know what everyone else thought of the bouquet-incident. There was a bit of an awkward silence, but the heat of my heels racing across the floor filled the void. The only regret I have about that night was how I burned my dress waving a sparkler.

Never be afraid to celebrate anything in life.

Have a good week! Cheers! :)


On A Boat

The Biologist went to Juneau last week for a quick shopping trip. He came home with this:TotalD2And this is how I feel about it:boat3onaboatThen, after a crummy day at work there was boat ride:
IMG_5051 totalDOf course, I was so excited I only took a few pictures. More to come!

In other news, they have been fixing our roads. Its like this:IMG_5049The good news is our road is right by the ocean. While I wait for the pilot car, Beyonce sings to me and the view hasn’t been too bad…IMG_5055Thursday was the exception. I arrived home later in the evening with seven bags of groceries. Much to my chagrin, I discovered a glaring “ROAD CLOSED” sign at my driveway. They were paving (theoretically). I parked my car at the beach across the street and approached the construction dude who informed me that they had  just paved and I would have to wait a few hours to cross the road to my house. nowayThat didn’t really work for me. So I went back to my car and loaded up as many groceries as I could. Then, I took a deep breath and sprinted across the freshly paved asphalt. The construction worker went a little ballistic but I made it across and didn’t look back. I think he was jealous that I got to leave my footprints on the road. #winning.

In other news, last week this guy was in town.

Between new boats, road construction and celebrity sightings…it’s been a busy week.

Cheers! :)