Parades & Candy Rushes

Last weekend was Alaska Day. I had big plans to capitalize on this event. My strategy was to take a ton of photos which I would use to write phenomenal blog posts that would capture the spirit of Alaska Day. Reality struck – and like usual I forgot all about taking pictures. Instead, I spent time socializing, drinking Baranof beer and tried to avoid hazardous flying parade candy. Thats right. Parade Candy. crazy kidWhile I don’t really groove on parades, it was entertaining to watch all the little kids freak out for the flying sugar. I forgot how exciting that aspect of a parade could be.emma-stone-excited

So here you go…a few mediocre shots that I took while dodging flying Tootsie Rolls……







Oh – and it wasn’t just the kiddos who got excited about free, flying sugar-loaded treats. The candy catching business is an intense one!
Maybe next year I will actually get some pictures of the marching bands, bag pipers and the Shriners zooming around on their little scooters. Oh…and maybe I will bring a bag so I can keep some of candy bars that come flying at my head.