The Weekend

OUTSIDE1 We took a day trip to do a little fly fishing (by we, I mean the Biologist and his friend). It was an insanely beautiful fall day and I was stoked to catch some sunshine!outside7We saw a lot of birds and what is left of some hatchery fish…outside6 Then we put on our waders and took a little walk up the stream…DSCN0256 DSCN0245 DSCN0252outside4outside9The weather was amazing and it was a splendid time!

Later that evening, we attended the annual chili cook off. I wasn’t very happy because I had tried to make bread and it ended up burning and sticking to the pan. There also was the ‘chili spilling in the car on my feet incident’ and to to top it off I wasn’t feeling the greatest. After a few samplings of chili and some Wild Turkey, that didn’t matter. kristendrinking1These are the only two photos I took because I am an awesome blogger and like to keep you in the loop. You’re welcome. Congrats also to Joe on his award winning chili!
outside2Coming later this week….a recipe. Because even though I have disasters like burning bread, I am going to keep trying.

Cheers! :)